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Realistic goals are so yesterday

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No, my goals aren’t realistic because I intend my goals to alter the current reality. If my goals were realistic, I’d have more of the same and would be making a minuscule

impact. What’s the point of that?

How big can we play at this game of life?

Greg Lucier, CEO at Nuvasive and former CEO of many other companies including Life Technologies, where I spent nearly a decade of my career, would always refer to his flag on the mountain top. He placed a mental flag—his vision and then every day took steps in that one direction. His vision was not a goal; it was an intention. An intention to alter the current state and bring forth something new and possibly better. Sure there were goals to meet and milestones along the way, but he never set a wimpy goal.

What if each of us took that bold approach? What would our conversations sound like? What could we accomplish as individuals and more importantly as a community? What if we could actually believe in our friends’ and colleagues’ “unrealistic” approaches and ideas and enable them?

When I share my agency’s mission with other consultants and professionals, I sometimes get feedback, “Wouldn’t that be nice” “We all want to do that.” The difference is that I’m doing it. I’m absolutely committed to it: because it is who I am. It’s the idea of living in creative mode and ideating for a living, the mission to draw forth the creativity from my client’s own brain so that they can reach their intentions with their own beautiful and perfect ideas.

Can I make a living doing this? That is my intention, to make a great living by being myself, sharing my gift--the gift of creativity and ideation. My flag is set at the mountaintop and I am headed towards it with fervor, passion and a clear mission. And it is going to be a blast. When you work with me, this is the space I am coming from.

We all have something to share with this world. I challenge you, fellow human, to find your gift and start setting powerful intentions around it. Look at your goals; are they big enough to actually make an impact? Are they supporting your intention? If not, reset them, write new ones, powerful ones and get into action. Takes steps every day.

Who knows if the journey will be a yearlong climb to the summit or if it will take a lifetime, but you’ll know you played a bigger game. You got a better view of the world. You made a bigger impact and by doing so you inspired others to launch similar journeys.