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Catalyst Boom is a creative consulting agency that empowers people, projects and companies with new ideas.  Specializing in brainstorming sessions, vision creation and "playshops", we work together to uncover new questions that lead to new answers. 

Your success is our passion.


"Playshops" & Brainstorms

You may already have the resources and team required for your project and just need that creative spark to get things going. Contact us today to discover how founder, BreAnne Custodio, can help launch your project by getting the creative juices flowing. BreAnne can meet for one on one advising or facilitate team brainstorming sessions. Get in contact for a list of services including palyshops, interactive and fun workshops to build teams and generate new ideas. We offer services  for individuals and corporate teams.

Vision Coaching

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you know you could be? Through powerful conversations we'll uncover what is blocking you from taking the next step. You'll be taking new actions with courage and power. 


"I loved working with BreAnne! She's open to new ideas, easy to collaborate with, organized, and gives clear direction of what the outcome should look like. She's a creative problem solver who sees the holistic approach to a project, not just the bits and pieces. I recommend taking a workshop and working directly with her"

“BreAnne has the ability to push creative limits and bring life into a marketing campaign. ”

Nicole Keel,
Life Technologies

“BreAnne possesses creative insight and business strategies to achieve desired results on time and on budget. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing our relationship. I highly recommend her.”

Chris Redner,
The Promo Shop

Melissa Rautenberg,

Latin & Code 



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Del Mar, CA 92014, USA

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